It is a label, a name for a new way of therapy and thinking about therapy. WHAT is hurting the client is never as important as WHY something is hurting them. We provide a way of thinking, diagnosing, and treating the patient which is focused on the cause, not the symptom

To achieve this, we employ modern diagnostic clinical tests which are easy to do, yet highly valid and reliable. We then treat our patient with Manual Therapy, myofascial release techniques, and a form of elastic taping which we call myofascial taping.


  • Doctors, osteopaths, and physiotherapists qualify for taking the Zensegrity-courses.
  • The „FULL PRACTITIONER“-status can be achieved after completing all four basic-courses.
  • All courses can be completed individually


1. Pelvis (Basic)
  • Like the name suggests, this course is the first and basic course. It lays down the philosophy of the concept and provides the participants with a general idea of the treatment.

  • It incorporates basic training in taping, body-reading, myofascial release work, differential diagnostics of radicular symptoms and the joints around the middle of the body (ISJ, Symphysis, hip)

  • Some time will naturally be devoted to the muscles stretching to the trunk and the leg (for example: latissimus dorsi, quadratus lumborum, iliopsoas)

  • After the course, the participant will understand the function of the pelvis, it’s primary role in the body and will be able to treat it
2. Thorax / Shoulder
  • This course focuses on functions of the thorax (rotation), shoulder-dysfunction and postural problems

  • Contents are the joints of the thoracic spine, the shoulder and the arms, more body-reading, understanding of shoulder-kinematics, thoracic-outlet-syndroms and treatment and taping of all major muscles on thorax, shoulder arms and fascia

  • After the course, the participant will understand the connections between thorax, shoulder, breathing and posture and will be able to restore the functions of thorax and shoulder
3. Legs & Arms
  • This course focuses on the lower extremity and gait -> walking

  • Contents are foot-mechanics, knowledge about the function of the knee and the foot-joints, treatment and taping of all the major leg-muscles and fascia

  • Also we will talk about thoracic-outlet-problems leading to carpal-tunnel-syndrome, epicondylitis, tendovaginitis, paresthesia and how to release these structures

  • After the course, the participant will be able to understand the patient’s problems with walking and be able to restore most of the function of the leg and fore-arms
4. Head / jaw / neck
  • This course focuses on the mechanics of the cervical spine, breathing, and the orofascial entity

  • Contents are mechanics of the anterior neck, the joint(s) of the jaw and the bones of the head, knowledge about the function of breathing, chewing, fascial release and taping of all the major muscles

  • Furthermore there can be room for discussions, case studies, etc

  • After the course, the participant will be able to understand the process of breathing, connections of the jaw to the rest of the body and restore the function of the above mentioned. Also the complete ZWNSEGRITY-method and philosophy are combined