BEAUTY ® STiM Tehnika

BeautyStim is a novel therapeutic approach combining static and dynamic manipulations of the body’s soft tissue with special clinical equipment for aesthetic purposes. Beautystim stands for beauty soft tissue mobilization.


The technique was created through applied research at the Human Evaluation and Rehabilitation Laboratory of the Physiotherapy Department of Technological Educational Institute of Western Greece.


It is an innovative development of the ERGON TECHNIQUE and is based on the myofascial meridians theory as first described by Thomas Myers.


The Beautystim Soft Tissue Τechniques are applied on specific points of tissue restrictions and fascial adhesions along the fascial meridians; when these are released, somatic appearance and functionality improve within a few treatment sessions.


The Beautystim Technique relies on unique clinical equipment called Beautystim Tools. Beautystim Tools applied with special Beautystim Tools can:


accelerate lymphatic drainage,

regain skin elasticity and release –loosen scar tissues, adhesions, and fascial stiffness, increase collagen production,

induce facial remodeling (lifts) and body sagging skin to become firmer

reduce cellulite of various somatic areas and double chin,]

firm breasts abdomen and buttocks

improve human posture and somatic appearance.

Provide anti-aging options (treatment of oxidative stress)


This particular technique allows beauty therapists-aestheticians to 

a) assess with precision myofascial areas of high sensitivity, 

and b) restore biomechanical function of joints by dissolving adhesions, regaining normal myofascial rolling and reducing muscle spasm and pain.


Is ideal for the treatment of cellulite, fluid retention, facial edema, swollen legs, varicose veins, edema, post-plastic surgery (abdominoplasty, liposuction), lymphedema, edge, and other aesthetic problems.